Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Free Agency Frenzy

First day of unrestricted free agency is in the books, with a lot of activity to talk about. After Christmas itself, the start of free agency in the NHL is as close to Christmas as you can get. As has been aptly described by the folks over at HF Boards, July 1st for Sharks fans however is as such.

You wake up real early to run downstairs and see the tree, see the milk and cookies, see all the lights and wreaths and mistletoe and whatnot, and then realize, "Oh yeah, I'm Jewish".

The Sharks have never been big free agency players, but these past few years have defined a new low. Doug Wilson is a cautious GM, one who packs his baskets in what is considered an unorthodox style now a days, by spreading out his eggs to several baskets. In order to do this properly, he scouts and drafts real well, keeping his players throughout their development until they blossom at the top level. This means that picking up impact players from trades and free agency is a rarity. Today was just another example. There is time left, however, and a lot of it. Personally, my fingers are still crossed for a defenseman, but I'll settle for the cream of this summer's crop, Marian Hossa.

Today marked new beginnings for most teams in the league, and endings for 3 Sharks. Nate Raduns is now a member of the Boston Bruins, where he will probably play for Providence (AHL). Patrick Rissmiller is a New York Ranger, where he'll... uh... um... do stuff, and Brian "I want to play in the Eastern Conference to be closer to my family because of family illnesses" Campbell ended up in the long time Eastern Conference city of Chicago. (Note: the previous statement was sarcasm and should be read as muffled anger, as Chicago is in the West, and clearly is the best location because of the amount of green he will be rolling in.)

Tomorrow is day 2 of the UFA period, with Hossa, Orpik, and some well known marginal guys who's names that are escaping me right now. (Another note: the latter is what Wilson is best at signing ala Boucher, Ozolinsh, Roenick, and Semenov last year).

GO SHARKS (merry flippin christmas)


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