Thursday, June 12, 2008

And the new Sharks Head Coach is...


Yeah, that's pretty much how most Sharks fans feel right now, as the search is over for a new skipper, and the results yielded are just a tad anonymous in nature. Todd McLellan becomes the 7th Head Coach of the Sharks, and will be entering his first year as an NHL Head Coach. Little Mac (I'm coining the term now, please send royalties to me via email) won a Calder Cup as the Head Coach of the Houston Aeros, and most recently won the Stanley Cup with the Red Wings this year.

Word is he's a big time offensive X's and O's kind of guy and was in charge of the Wings PP, which should be just what the Sharks need. He's the right kind of coach to entice Brian Campbell back, and I imagine Matt Carle will see more time to blossom, with Kyle McLaren (Big Mac) probably on his way out, if not just making himself a permanent assgroove in one of the comfy chairs in the press box. Hopefully McLellan will be able to figure out how to make Joe potent as a goal scorer and as a passer.

The draft is next Saturday, and there is the possibility of a big trade rumored, centering around Captain Patrick Marleau, who has a no trade clause that kicks in on July 1st. We'll see soon enough how that works out. Til then, welcome to San Jose, Todd McLellan.



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