Wednesday, April 30, 2008

4/29/08 WCSF#3 DALLAS 2, sharks 1 OT

Before each home playoff game this year, the Sharks have put a heart beat on the jumbotron and ring around the lower bowl, synching it to exciting music and video. Ladies and gentlemen, the Sharks are 60 minutes from flatlining.

On a night that started pretty well, with a pp goal that was disallowed due to poor positioning by referee Don Van Massenhoven, the Sharks still struck first, with a shorthanded goal by Patty Marleau with just 34 seconds left in the first. They were skating, hitting, and playing defense, and actually looked like a team. The second went just as good, and after 40 minutes, the Teal had a 1-0 lead, and looked to be just a period away from making this a series again.

Then the third period came along, and, just like game 2, the lead disappeared quickly, and the Stars just dominated the entire 20 minute frame. A bounce off of JR found it's way past Nabby, who had his strongest game of the series, and just like that, it's 3-0, good night Sharks.

Ok, so the series isn't quite over, but the Sharks, when facing elimination recently (minus Game 7 last series), suck. A quiet 2-0 loss to Detroit last year, a quiet 2-0 loss to Edmonton the year before, and a ever so slightly less quiet loss to Calgary the year before that. Do I expect the Sharks to win tonight? No. Would I like to be surprised and proven wrong? Hell yes.



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