Monday, April 14, 2008

4/13/08 WCQF #3 CALGARY 4, sharks 3

Didn't see the game because I had a Stealth game, didn't miss anything I haven't seen before.

Sharks come out, control the game play, strike quick and a lot, and then pack it in after getting physically dominated, because obviously 3:33 is all of a hockey game you need to play to win.

Going off of comments from others, the Sharks didn't really lose this one, as much as the Flames just rose to the occasion. Kiprusoff was chased early, and Curtis Joseph played awesome, and wacky bounces went the way of the home side.

Ryane Clowe, Patrick Marleau, and Douglas Murray all had goals for the Sharks, and Evgeni Nabokov made 21 saves in the loss. Marleau was the evening's sacrificial lamb, getting bloodied twice, with no reciprocation from anyone wearing a teal and white sweater.

So, there are plenty of parallels to draw from this game to games past (WCSF Game 3 2006, WCSF Game 4 2007), all of which eventually resulted in a humiliating, embarrassing, and demoralizing loss to a lesser team that just had more desire, but I don't think the towel can be thrown in just yet.

Sure, they buckled under physical pressure. Sure, they sat back after a lead a bit. Sure, they're on the road and have no momentum but what they can create tomorrow, but there are positives. They did take the crowd out of Game 3, it can be done again in Game 4. They did score three goals against Calgary, and shook Kipper's confidence a bit. Patrick Marleau took an absolute whooping on Sunday, and kept right on going. If that doesn't inspire you, you're probably dead.

Speaking of dead, for all the naysayers calling this series over, wait until tomorrow. If the Sharks lose, yell and scream and complain all you like about this team, sell your tickets for Game 5 for whatever price you can get since you can't be bothered to show your support. If they do win tomorrow, then all this Chicken Littling will have been for nothing, because it'll be a 3 game series, evened up once again. It's a 7 game series folks, the thing ain't done until one side gets 4, not 2.

Game 4 is tomorrow at 7, and it might as well be an elimination game for the Sharks. Win, and like mentioned above, the series is once again knotted, and will return to the Tank for the start of a best of three that would see two games take place at 525 W. Santa Clara St, if it went that far. The Sharks can certainly get it done, they've showed their skill in this series. What's the question is if they have the heart. Hockey games are won by teams, and not individuals, if there aren't 18 + 1 guys working their tails off tomorrow, then kiss 2007/08 goodbye.

GO SHARKS (One at a time fellas, one at a time)


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