Monday, April 21, 2008

4/20/08 WCQF #6 CALGARY 2, sharks 0

Well... that sucked.

From the drop of the puck, it looked like the Sharks were playing for Game 7, and, miraculously, they got their wish. (This statement sounds sarcastic, but isn't really. The Sharks didn't really come out pressing, as if they were saving it for Game 7, and now they get their chance to use it in Game 7).

Owen Nolan continues to haunt the Sharks, and Daymond Langkow had a goal as well, and the Flames answered the call of desperation with plenty of it to force a Game 7 in San Jose tomorrow. The Sharks did very little offensively, generating just 21 shots, and winning 19 of 54 faceoffs. Evgeni Nabokov did all he could in net, making 23 saves in what was easily the most pitiful game by the Teal this season.

There's really nothing fancy to key on here, the Sharks had an opportunity to shut the door, and instead, they slammed it on their backside and it bounced wide open again. Tomorrow is do or die, but it didn't have to be this way. If the Sharks had just stepped it up, and put some effort out, this thing could be over. Instead, they return home tomorrow for a best of 7 series that has been reduced to the ultimate, 1 game for all the glory, and the trip to the second round. If the Sharks win, they'll host Dallas, if the Flames win, they'll head to Detroit. But all that is 60 minutes away.

The game is at 7, watch it, listen to it, attend it. Do something. It'll be the first Game 7 played in San Jose, and hopefully, it'll be memorable for the boys in the hometown teal, and a great experience for the 17,496 in attendance at 525 W. Santa Clara. If not, Doug Wilson will have to, as Ricky Ricardo asked so much of his wife, "have some splainin to do".



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