Sunday, April 20, 2008

4/17/08 WCQF#5 SHARKS 4, calgary 3

That's how its done, mostly.

After a strong early half to the 3rd, it looked like the contest was over, with the Sharks rolling on their way to a 4-1 win, but the Flames had other plans. Luckily, those plans ended early.

Jonathan Cheechoo had a pair of goals, Patrick Marleau added one, and Joe Pavelski added another, as the Sharks held serve at home. For the first time this series, the Flames lead on the shot counter, making Evgeni Nabokov work for his victory, stopping 33 shots while doing so.

Well, here we are. A chance to move on. Just a week ago, the Sharks blew a 3 goal lead inside the Saddledome in Game 3, and the series and the season seemed lost. Calgary had all the momentum, had the home ice, and had the next game on that home ice, forcing the Sharks to show up. Little did we know that, come Game 4, the Sharks would show up, and swing the series back to the middle, coming home with a chance to take the series lead. They now head back to the Saddledome with a chance to close things out against a very tough Flames squad.

As the old cliche goes, "The fourth one is always the toughest". We've seen the Sharks defeat adversity in Game 2 by evening the series at 1, we've seen them defeat adversity in Game 4, taking a game in hostile territory, especially after dropping the last one in such heartbreaking fashion. We saw them step up and take control of the series in Game 5 with a strong performance, and now we need to see them do what they have struggled to do all year, putting their feet on the neck of the snake, and keeping it there.

Game 6 is scheduled for 5 PM pacific, and has been scratched from Versus, and will only be seen on CSNBA in the States. Just a quick number here, Calgary is 5-14 all time in Game 6, while the Sharks are a mighty 2-10. So tonight's game should be a battle of the suck, with one team overcoming the crushing weight of history. As long as its the team in white, I'll be happy.



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