Tuesday, April 29, 2008

4/27/08 WCSF #2: dallas 5, SHARKS 2


On the bright side, Game 2 was not like Game 1. Unfortunately, that's because the Teal made more mistakes, and Dallas played much better. Despite a 2-1 lead going to the third thanks to goals by Joe Pavelski and Milan Michalek, the Stars decided to play three periods, while the Sharks were apparently content with just two. Evgeni Nabokov looked unfortunately human, stopping just 21 of 25 shots.

Well, the first two are over now, and I think plenty of people thought this series would be 2-0, but I'm not sure you'll find anyone that thought both games would go to the road team. What seemed like a fluke victory in Game 1 clearly wasn't with a strong showing in Game 2, and, although the series is not complete, it certainly leaves the Sharks with a WHOLE LOT to accomplish in the next two days in Texas.

The Sharks will win the next two if:
* The power play stops being so timid and just begins to let loose. They're getting opportunities, but they're waiting far too long to do anything good with them.
* Nabokov returns to form, starts making big, unexpected saves again. He's looked slow laterally, it could be a groin injury, or just fatigue. The man has played a lot of hockey this year.
* Guys just relax and play their kind of hockey. The Stars play a defensive trap that forces the opponent to get rid of the puck quickly. The Sharks have to find space to make their cutesy passes and stop trying to force things into spaces where there isn't anything to gain.

The bright side, if there is one, is that the Sharks took 3 of 4 from the Stars at the Hangar this year. They also get to play Games 3 and 4 back to back, leaving no time for the Stars to recover if the Sharks can win tomorrow.

Game 3 is tomorrow at 4:30 pm, and is as must win as they get. Win, and it's 2-1, and you have a shot to tie it up and bring it home. Lose, and you're in a slight hole (by slight I mean pretty much over). So, there's a real simple gameplan for tomorrow, win.



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