Sunday, May 04, 2008

5/2/08 SHARKS 3, dallas 2 OT

Ok, forget about last game, this was your stereotypical Sharks elimination game. Sharks kinda show up until they get scored on, then disappear into the summer skies, and lose by a 2-0 margin...wait, they did what? AGAIN? No ****ing way.

Well, it took a third period Dallas meltdown, winding up on the fortunate side of a couple reviewed goals, and energy that I personally haven't experienced since 1994, and bam, hello Game 6.

Brendan Morrow had, what has been coined the McMorrow Sandwich, a disallowed goal (for kicking), followed shortly thereafter by a legal goal (with a stick), and then another disallowed goal (for batting it in with a hand). Jere Lehtinen had a powerplay goal as well, and after 2 periods, it looked over.

With the Sharks trailing 2-0, and not showing much of anything positive, it really did seem over. I was exchanging conversations with my friends, discussing summer plans, and what would change with the team, and who would come in and coach, and all sorts of other things. My dad turned to me and said as the 3rd started that he wanted just one goal. I agreed, that would have been fine by me, just not to see a shutout.

Then Michalek scored, and he turned to me again and said, "ok, I don't want to be greedy, but what if they tied it here". And then JR found Campbell on a great homerun pass up the middle, finding a streaking Soupmeister splitting the D, and rifling a shot over Turco's shoulder. Once again, he turned to me and mentioned how crazy it would be if they won it, regulation or not. After what seemed like the longest 8 minutes ever, OT finally came, and it didn't take long for my dad to get his third and final wish, when Joe Pavelski had what seemed like 30 minutes alone by himself with the puck, and buried it, sending the Tank into a state of absolute euphoria.

The horn went for about 15 seconds (verified later on the tv), but it was so loud in there, and I was so caught up in the moment, hugging and high fiving everyone around me, that I didn't hear it. The concourse after the game was filled with hooting and hollering not seen in the Tank since the early days, but certainly is welcome anytime.

Ok, the series is still in Dallas' favor. They're still up 3-2, and they're going home for Game 6, a situation that they had last series against the Ducks. After losing Game 5 in Anaheim, the Stars returned home and exploded for 3 goals in the 3rd to capture the 4-1 win and the series victory. But there has to be some doubt creeping into the heads of the Stars. After holding a 3-0 lead, their lead has shrunken to 1 game, and if they lose, they'll be under the gun in Game 7 in a hostile HP Pavilion. They'll more than likely bring their best game, hopefully the Sharks can match.

Game 6 is tomorrow night at 6 pm in Dallas. As mentioned above, the Sharks will have to bring their best game, as the Stars surely will be playing their best hockey. I will be watching this game from somewhere other than the comfort of my own couch, something that I won't know is a good thing or not until the conclusion of tomorrow's contest. The San Jose Stealth also have a playoff game, and will be hosting the Portland LumberJax at 3 pm at the arena in the Western Division Semi-Finals. Tickets are available at the Pavilion box office, come on down and experience some exciting playoff lacrosse action.

GO SHARKS (win again again)


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