Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The draft, she's a comin'

Friday night is the first round of the 2008 NHL Entry Draft, held in Ottawa this year. Sharks fans know the draft as Doug Wilson season, when the SJ GM wheels n' deals more than a pizza delivery guy on SuperBowl Sunday. The future of the NHL will be present, however, it won't be known who that future for a few years when they actually become household names and we've all forgotten about their draft night.

As of now, the Sharks have absolutely ZERO first rounders, which means there is absolutely ZERO reason for Sharks fans to watch the first round on Friday night which means there absolutely ZERO else you should be doing besides checking out my exciting, amazing, from the seat of my pants commentary that I am proudly dubbing...

Jess's Friday Night NHL First Round Entry Draftstravaganza 2008.

Yes, I have no reason to watch the 2008 Entry Draft's first round, so that's exactly why I am, and why I'm liveblogging it to boot. So please, stop by, hang around, and enjoy the draft.

FYI: The draft coverage begins at 3 pacific on NHL Network, and the draft begins at 4 on Versus Friday afternoon. The rest of the Draft is Saturday. The Sharks first pick as of now isn't until the fourth round, but the Sharks have been rumored to be moving up, something that wouldn't really surprise any Sharks fan.




Blogger Scott said...

Pray for Versus non-stupidity, no fires in the truck, etc.

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