Friday, October 06, 2006

As heard on KFOG

Well, I have officially achieved my dream as a broadcast journalist, albeit as an amateur, and not yet as a play-by-play man. But I was ON THE RADIO. This morning, at 6:15, Greg McQuaid called my cell, set up the call, and then called back on my house phone, starting the interview. Trying my best to be as not nervous as possible, I recapped last night's insane game, showing the crew I know my stuff. As absolutely amazing as it was to be put on the radio (and KFOG, I thank you immensely for the opportunity), they packaged me better than I ever could have dreamed of.

Buffering me with "Hockey Monkey" by the Zambonis, they read my letter, and then went right into the interview. As most people do when they perform, I came out of the call thinking I had done poorly, but hearing it on the radio reassured me that I hadn't done as bad as I thought. Some nice compliments from the crew, followed by the suggestion of a name for me "Sharkscaster Jess Knaster", or Master Hockey Blaster Jess Knaster?". Personally, with the great help I've been given from KFOG, I'd be fine being the Hockey Monkey. The real capper was when I got a caller, who paid me compliments. Dave Morey (the DJ), seizing the opportunity, made sure to thank the caller, whom he named as "Mrs. Knaster". My mother was happy to hear she had made a phone call, especially because she was laying in bed the whole time.

Thanks again to KFOG for airing me this morning, and I hope to be on the air next Friday at the same time.

Go Sharks

To listen to "Hockey Monkey" by the Zambonis, click this link:

"Hockey Monkey" - The Zambonis


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