Friday, September 29, 2006

9/29 los angeles 5, SHARKS 2

Thank god for pre-season.

Yes, it was nice to see a win last Thursday against the Canucks, but it was just pre-season and tonight against the Kings, thank goodness it counts for nothing. An outmatched Team Teal got whipped around by the boys from tinseltown. A team missing half of its top two lines and a couple of key defensemen showed it tonight in a match-up where they were just clearly outplayed. Tonight was Nabokov's last start of the pre-season, and tomorrow should be Toskala's with this coming Thursday being opening night.

Tomorrow night brings the Flames to town, and hopefully a lineup closer to what we'll be seeing this season, and a much better result than tonight.

Any harsh words here tonight are almost a direct result of sitting too close to drunk Kings fans, I suppose it's good practice for the road.

Next game: 9/30 vs Calgary

5 Days


Blogger Special K said...

Also practice for drunk Dodger fans we saw on Saturday :-(

11:29 AM  

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