Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Hockey in the air

Monday was the 4th annual Teal & White Game in SJ. Got a few autographs, sat down low, much lower than I'm used to. After a lengthy introduction (seemed boring to many players, that means you Mr. Biron), the scrimmage that followed was ok. It was nice to see some hockey that wasn't on my tivo or xbox. On my way out, I got the Joe Thornton bobblehead (tons probably up on eBay) and the "This is Sharks Territory" lawn sign (also many probably taking residence on eBay). Sharks played exhibition #1 last night, winning 3-1 in L.A. and are in Anaheim tonight to get their first look at the Ducks A.D. (After Disney). Tomorrow brings the first exhibition game of 2006 to SJ, with the Canucks rolling into town, Sharks probably getting their first look at Roberto Luongo. Might be exhibition, but it is hockey.


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