Tuesday, August 22, 2006

First sign of life for the SHO

Evening, rather, morning fellow fin fans. Just checking in, as it has been around a week since I've been up and running here, and I finally have a bit to report on. Today I was contacted by two of the entities I originally contacted about the Odyssey, the Sharks organization and a Bay Area radio station, KFOG. Both seemed interested by the SHO (A handy abbreviation for Sharks Hockey Odyssey that you will see more of throughout the year), and wanted to help. The Sharks, by assisting me in securing tickets for the tough road games and KFOG, wanting to put me on The Morning Show periodically, stay tuned for specific dates and times, those will come in the next few weeks. I am still waiting to hear from a couple radio stations and the NHL, and will of course let my faithful few (if that many) know what is happening as it is occurring.

44 days



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