Sunday, October 01, 2006

9/30 SHARKS 5, calgary 1

First an apology as this recap is a bit late. Don't worry, it won't happen again.

As bad as the Sharks were against the Kings, they were that dominant last night against the Flames. Power play looked strong, with solid puck movement around the perimeter and reckless abandon as far as shots were concerned. The defense was stellar in front of Toskala, who didn't play too shabby himself.

Thank god it's the end of pre-season. With the Sharks finishing the games that don't count on a high note, those rooting for teal town this year can't wait for the games to start counting. Michalek finished the pre-season leading the league in goals, a new flashy young defenseman in Marc-Edouard Vlasic, and two strong goaltenders in Vesa Toskala and Evgeni Nabokov, Sharks players and fans alike are hungry for some success this season. As I write this just days before starting the Odyssey, I'm both excited and proud to say that I will be there for any and all success this season. I hope those of you out there in Webland stick around for awhile, as stuff will undoubtedly become more interesting once the season starts.

As a side note, today the Sharks made a bit of a minor deal, trading Jim Fahey and the rights to Alexander Korolyuk to the New Jersey Devils for Vladimir Malakhov and a conditional 1st round draft pick.

Analysis: Malakhov is all but retired, Korolyuk is probably not ever going to play in the NHL again, and Fahey is a #8/9 defenseman who could quite possibly see no time in New Jersey, so basically this trade boils down to a simple trade: Sharks eat 3.6 mil in cap space (Malakhov doesn't get paid actual money if he doesn't play, it's just a cap number because of his valid contract) for a conditional 1st rounder, and New Jersey probably doesn't have to trade Gomez or Gionta to get under the cap. Useful deal for both clubs.

Next game: 10/5 vs. St. Louis Blues 7:30 pm PDT

4/3 days.
-Hungry Jess


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you should post in advance where your seats are (especially at home games) or where you'll be at one of the period breaks so people can come talk to you. I'm sure you'll have plenty to share with fans!

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