Sunday, October 08, 2006

10/7 SHARKS 2, new york islanders 0

Evgeni Nabokov had a shutout, Rick DiPietro had to pull his net back on its pegs during play, the fans did the wave during play. Ok, so only the first one had anything to do with the outcome, but they were all things I did not expect to see tonight. Not to bash Nabokov, as he has already had a great career with the Sharks, but coming into this evening's game, I did not expect a 26 save shutout performance. Nabby was quick, his positioning was spot on, and his glove hand was sharper than it has been for a long time.

After spending a few minutes before the game taking pictures of the Art Ross, Hart Memorial, Rocket Richard, and Hobey Baker trophies, I headed up to my seats for, what is to the best of my knowledge, the first contest I've ever attended seeing the New York Islanders. Coming into the game, it was expected to be another romp for Team Teal, with the Sharks coming off of a win on Thursday, and the Islanders coming from a 6-1 beating in the desert by the Coyotes. After almost 14 minutes of boring, scoreless, neutral zone trap hockey, the Sharks drew first; Matt Carle, picking up a rebound on the power play for his second of the year. Although that proved to be all that was necessary, Christian Ehrhoff picked up another goal for the #1 PP unit to make the game 2-0. Thanks to some great team defense, and a few goal saving saves by Nabokov, and that score would stick.

Well, the first home stand is complete, and it has been a successful one, as the Sharks picked up all 4 points available to them thus far. Monday brings the first road game, and road trip of the year. The Sharks head up to Calgary for a Monday evening tilt with the Flames. After a couple days off, the Sharks play the first game of their first back to back this year, as they will square off against the team that knocked them out of the playoffs last year, the Edmonton Oilers, and then travel to Vancouver to take on the Canucks on Friday.

With my first road trip looming, I don't know how well my plans to update my blog will work, but rest assured, my summaries will be here, somehow. Until Monday, Go Sharks.



Blogger Special K said...

The Sharks methodically beat a mediocre team, 2-0. This is no big deal, and it's what we expected. The fact that our expectations are so high shows how far we and our team have come -- that's a good thing.

TV had a hilarious picture of Neil Young doing the wave, but I agree that the wave done during play at a hockey game is very very wrong.

Go Sharks! Enjoy Canada.

3:02 AM  

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