Thursday, October 12, 2006

10/12 in edmonton WEM

The Mindbender roller coaster

WEM. Three little letters that describe something so much the opposite. Explaining the West Edmonton Mall is not easy to do, as there are as many words to say about it as the mall is large. The only way to describe it, as it seems is that there is nothing else to do in Edmonton, at least outdoors, so they stick it all inside.

A theme park, water park, ice rink, sea lion show, flamingo pen, 28 lane bowling alley, 4 radio stations, multiple arcades, two 18 hole mini golf courses (cause only crappy malls have one mini golf course), a bank, a bingo hall, an endless supply of food courts and stores, and 13 full service, sit down restaurants. A lot to do, a lot to say no less.

Lucky for me, I came on Customer Appreciation Day, where every attraction was free. A quick ride on the 100 express to the mall, and off I went. Played both mini golf courses, the first, a glow in the dark golf course, was not terribly challenging. The course was pretty flat, but had tiny spaces on each hole that required a bit of aim and skill. The second course, an outdoor course, was totally opposite. With hills and curves and embankments, this course, Professor Wem's Golf Adventure, was much tougher, and I had a much tougher time at it.

The amusement park, Galaxyland, was, as the name suggests, space themed. No ride was out of the ordinary, a few gentle rides, a few spinny til you puke rides, and the big daddy, the MindBender, a tall, triple looping roller coaster. I did not get to ride this monster, because my legs were too long, and I wasn't able to fit into the seat, but it looked to be quite a ride.

All in all, the WEM is quite a place. It has absolutely everything that a day of entertainment should have, and you can do all that, assuming you can locate it all. Now for my painful, but obligatory game recap.


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