Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dear SWA

As some of you may remember, or most of you won't, I was on TV in March of 2007. I was interviewed during the 1st Intermission of the Sharks game from Raleigh against the Carolina Hurricanes. While being interviewed, I was asked to give a travel horror story that one such as myself would experience because I didn't get the luxury of traveling on a charter. I spun a yarn of the day that I flew from Dallas to DC via Little Rock and Chicago, with my bag not making it to our Nation's Capital with me.

Basically, without thinking, I said that Southwest (A bigtime Sharks sponsor) was not a great airline for long flights. Now, I haven't gotten any actual criticism from SWA, but my friends, including many of you, have needled me endlessly for it.

Well, over the past few months, and more recently today, I've had the pleasure (and I do mean it) of talking to the great Southwest Airlines Customer Service. I had a couple questions regarding my airline miles, and the two customer service agents were incredibly helpful to me, answering all my questions very clearly and even carrying on a great conversation.

Now, unfortunately, the news and the questions these agents discussed with me were not the greatest of news for me (the gist of it is, I don't get to do anything in Vegas this weekend that will get to stay in Vegas), but hey, that's not their fault. They don't make the rules, they're just unreasonably great at explaining them to those that ask.

So, Southwest Airlines, I apologize for calling you out on the channel then known as Fox Sports Net Bay Area. You have multiple attributes, most of them really good, like your customer service that is actually quick and convenient and helpful and friendly. Such qualities can allow me to forget about losing my bag, or getting stuck with C group and sitting between two large hairy gentlemen with Confederate Flag tattoos and hunting hats, and getting yelled at by an old deranged woman because I wouldn't give her my window seat (partially because I was 85% unconscious at the time).

Southwest, I'm sorry, now please can you schedule your Shamu plane for my next flight? Thank you.

GO SHARKS (if you ever find yourself bored, just give the incredibly friendly folks at Southwest Airlines Customer Service a call, they blow away all other customer service departments)

Hockey is just over a month away, expect multiple articles as I get the blog rolling again for the hockey season.


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