Friday, September 29, 2006

9/29 los angeles 5, SHARKS 2

Thank god for pre-season.

Yes, it was nice to see a win last Thursday against the Canucks, but it was just pre-season and tonight against the Kings, thank goodness it counts for nothing. An outmatched Team Teal got whipped around by the boys from tinseltown. A team missing half of its top two lines and a couple of key defensemen showed it tonight in a match-up where they were just clearly outplayed. Tonight was Nabokov's last start of the pre-season, and tomorrow should be Toskala's with this coming Thursday being opening night.

Tomorrow night brings the Flames to town, and hopefully a lineup closer to what we'll be seeing this season, and a much better result than tonight.

Any harsh words here tonight are almost a direct result of sitting too close to drunk Kings fans, I suppose it's good practice for the road.

Next game: 9/30 vs Calgary

5 Days

Fridays at 6:15

A rare morning update of the happenings.

Got off the phone with Greg McQuaid of KFOG a little while ago and found out that they want me to check in periodically, once a week to be exact. They want me to check in around 6:15 a.m. every Friday, with next Friday, the 6th, being my first on air interview. For anyone local to the bay, KFOG is 104.5 in the city, and 97.7 in the south bay. For those of you outside of those areas, KFOG also streams live, there's a nice and easy link on the homepage of their website: Tonight the Kings are in town, and tomorrow brings the Flames, both games on KFOX 98.5 in the Bay. Today's only half over, and it's been a great day so far, and that's before hockey.

6 days.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

SJ 4, VAN 3 9/21/06

Hockey is here. Yes it's pre-season, but it is Sharks hockey and therefore, is welcomed with open arms. Walking to the arena tonight from the San Pedro garage was a walk of joy, an ascension to hockey heaven. To be perfectly honest, I couldn't stop smiling. The game did not disappoint either.

Before the game tonight, the Sharks had a moment of silence for Greg, a charter season ticket holder and leader of 209 (the "You Suck" Section) who passed away around a month ago while hiking.

The game was pretty enjoyable. Milan Michalek scored on the powerplay early on, and gave the Sharks a lead they held until late in the third period. Evgeni Nabokov started tonight, and it was the good Nabokov who stopped all 23 shots he faced in a period and a half of work. Nolan Schaefer came in and didn't totally replicate Nabby's success. After giving up the game tying goal late in the third, Schaefer vultured out the win when Michalek struck again for his third goal of the night, giving the Sharks a lead they would not relinquish and sending a few fans home hatless.

The next Sharks game is Saturday in Fresno against the Ducks. Not sure yet if I'll be there, but stop by on Sunday to find out. Tonight was the changing of the seasons from baseball to hockey, and tomorrow is when summer leaves and fall is here. Perfect timing if you ask me.

Go Sharks.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Hockey in the air

Monday was the 4th annual Teal & White Game in SJ. Got a few autographs, sat down low, much lower than I'm used to. After a lengthy introduction (seemed boring to many players, that means you Mr. Biron), the scrimmage that followed was ok. It was nice to see some hockey that wasn't on my tivo or xbox. On my way out, I got the Joe Thornton bobblehead (tons probably up on eBay) and the "This is Sharks Territory" lawn sign (also many probably taking residence on eBay). Sharks played exhibition #1 last night, winning 3-1 in L.A. and are in Anaheim tonight to get their first look at the Ducks A.D. (After Disney). Tomorrow brings the first exhibition game of 2006 to SJ, with the Canucks rolling into town, Sharks probably getting their first look at Roberto Luongo. Might be exhibition, but it is hockey.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

36 of 41

That's where I'm at with the tickets. January game in Edmonton, February game in Calgary, February and March games in Chicago, and a late March visit to the Champs. That's all that's left.

Super Saturday is over, I have seats for every game that has been sold thus far. Yesterday was a bit nuts, as it began with a 7:00 a.m. call to Chad at the Dallas Stars. The family got in the act at 9:00, Mom scoring the first Edmonton and Calgary games, Dad picking up the Avalanche game in March. 10:00 brought phone calls for the Ducks and Kings, and internet purchases of the Canucks (got opening night in Vancouver, and a decent seat no less) and Wild. Season now just three weeks away, tomorrow brings the 4th Annual Teal & White game, Thursday is the first Exhibition game. October 5th, where are you?