Tuesday, February 19, 2008

2/18/08 NEW YORK (LONG ISLAND) 3, sharks 2

I have no scoreboard picture, because they took the final score down at the whistle, here is a much less heartbreaking score on the scoreboard.

2 games, 2 entirely different ways to suck. Awesome.

Sunday it was giving up a 1 goal lead in the 1st Period, and now a 2 goal lead in the 3rd, oh what do the Sharks have in store for us now? Marcel Goc had a goal, Joe Thornton had a goal, Evgeni Nabokov had a facial laceration, and the Eye-lin-duhz fans went home happy, as the hometown squad came away victorious yesterday. Despite outplaying the Isles for the first 45 minutes, as soon as they got their first goal, you could kinda tell it was over. Nabokov made 18 saves, Griess made 1 save in his brief appearance late in the 2nd. The loss is the 2nd in two days for the Teal, and brings their streak now to 4 games in the L column.

MSG is the 2nd oldest arena in the NHL, and just behind in 3rd is the small concrete fortress on the Island. Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum is surrounded by a hotel, a road, some small office buildings, and a whole lotta nothing. Inside, it's much like the arenas of the 60's: one small, tight, cramped concourse, entry doors to get to the seating area, stairs up to the upper level and down to the lower level, and creaky old seats.

The fans at the Coliseum are just as knowledgable as those at MSG, and can get just as loud and boisterous. There are plenty of banners in the rafters, which are so low that they're practically in front of you in the upper level. The sightlines are incredible, with absolutely no reason to ever need to lean forward to see the play. Besides the schlep to get out there and the small concourse, there really isn't a whole lot bad to say about the building referred to as the Mausoleum (by Rangers and Devils fans), other than that it is really old.

From a old building that has seen lots of history to a new building with a lot of history looking to be replicated, the Sharks Wednesday will grace the brand spankin' new Prudential Center in Downtown Newark with their presence, when they take on the New Jersey Devils (4:00 pm). A closer to real time for a hockey game, the Sharks will face a strong Devils club that leads the Atlantic Division with 73 points. New Jersey has won 4 of their last 5, and 7 of their last 10 contests, including bringing a 2 game win streak to this contest. The last meeting between these teams was last year in San Jose, when Joe Thornton put one past Martin Brodeur and an empty netter was added in a 2-0 Sharks win. Similar results tomorrow would be nice, but at this point, I'll take an OTL over another empty-handed effort.

GO SHARKS (No more New York to lose to, beat New Jersey)

Shot of the arena from the seat

The many banners in the low hanging rafters

The very orange and blue concourse. How handy that an orange and blue team happens to play there

I'm glad they told me the Isles play here, cause I never would have guessed they'd play AT A HOCKEY ARENA


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Hey Jess,

just wanted to say what your doing is awesome. I also wanted to let you know you were on tv during the NJ game. They were showing Sharks fans, then they come to you, and Drew said "That kid is at every game, I don't know his name but I see him all the time." Well didn't know if somebody else would tell ya but just letting you know.

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