Sunday, February 17, 2008

2/17/08 NEW YORK 3, sharks 1

Arena was great. Fans were great. Game was poop.

In a game played today at 10 AM on the Left Coast, it was apparent that the road team in white with teal trim clearly forgot to put their clocks ahead to New York time. Jonathan Cheechoo poked a goal past Henrik Lundqvist just 3:31 into the game, giving the Sharks and the many Sharks fans in attendance a false sense of the effort to come. Evgeni Nabokov was strong in net, however, stopping 30 shots in the loss.

Today's game was at MSG, Madison Square Garden. Known by some locals as "The New Garden", MSG is touted as "The World's Most Famous Arena". Famous as it is, it's pretty cool too. Before the game, my family and I took a tour of the place, getting to see the suite level, the club bars, and then early entrance into the arena (non-gameday tours feature a look to the locker rooms and the theater, but both were occupied today). Anyways, some thoughts about the Garden.

* Its small. For 18k hockey seating, it's surprising the tinyness of this building. There aren't really levels, it's all one bowl with the 400's stacked on top. The concourses are pretty narrow and sorta plain, but where there is stuff, it's pretty cool.

* The atmosphere is great. Potvin sucks chants, Let's Go Rangers chants, they're all over it. And they're loud. To be here for an important game would be spine tingling.

* The ceiling is the ceiling. It's famous for a reason.

Tomorrow the Sharks hit New York #2, heading out to Lawnguylan to face the Eyelinduhz (11 AM Pacific). The Isles have won 3 in a row since dropping 7 straight, keeping them in the heart of the Eastern Conference playoff picture. Lead by blink-of-an-eye Shark Bill Guerin, the Isles are good, but not when they're bad. In essence, they're two-faced, like the Sharks. Should be a good game between two good teams, or maybe not.

GO SHARKS (LETZ GO SHARXZZ [no way to New York that up I guess])

The entire roll of pictures can be seen here.

Not many people know, but the ceiling is really a giant venus fly trap.

Regardless of outcome, this is still really cool.


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