Wednesday, October 17, 2007

10/15/07 sharks 4, VANCOUVER 2

Another late one, I'll be right on time with the Detroit game tomorrow, I promise.

Two games in Vancouver, two wins. Very easy, very simple.

After a disappointment at home on Saturday, the Sharks were sure to bury their chances on Monday, getting three goals in the third in just over 3 minutes. Jonathan Cheechoo finally found the scoresheet again, scoring a goal that only Cheech could score. Joe lit the lamp again, recording his 3rd goal of the year, and added two assists. Evgeni Nabokov made a couple crazy saves to keep the Teal in it, on a night when they wore teal instead of white.

The Sharks are back home on Thursday, for a 7:30 showdown with Motown. As we all know, the last time the Wings were in San Jose, bad stuff happened, so we won't go there. But you know what happened, and the players sure know what happened. We saw a bit of increased anger and toughness on Monday on behalf of the Sharks, hopefully their mean streak and winning streak will continue. The pregame ceremonies that didn't happen on Saturday will take place on Thursday, provided there isn't another blackout.

Thursday is also my birthday, so that would be another nice reason to win, as if any are really needed.

GO SHARKS (no power outage and a win please)


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