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10/7/07 COLORADO 6, sharks ?

Remember that Coyote Ugly game last year (8-0 by the Yotes)? No, well I do, and it sucked. And guess what, yesterday, in Denver, it happened. Again.

Yeah, you can say it was only the third game of the year, so it's nothing to get worried about. Yeah, you can say it's just one game so it's nothing to worry about. You could also say it's just a game against a good team and games like this happen. You might even be spot on with all those things. But, the curmudgeon in me wants to say the following:


Ok, so maybe that is the 11 year old, l33t (leet, for you n00bs, is the internet language made from crazy letters and shortened words) speaking curmudgeon in me, but it is still the pessimist in me.

With all my heart, I truly want to see Ron Wilson fired, a new captain named, and this team taken in a different direction mentally. However, I'm afraid that's not gonna happen, at least yet. It is just heartbreaking and totally disappointing to see the Sharks have such difficulty getting mentally ready time and time again for a game. No, it doesn't matter in Game 3 of the regular season, but as has been said millions of times, how you practice is how you'll play. If you allow yourself (as a player), your teammates (also as a player) or your players (as a coach) to show up continually mentally unprepared in the regular season, then they will be mentally unprepared in the playoffs, when it counts.

As for the game, Ryane Clowe had both Sharks goals, and several Avalanche scored the goals. I don't remember their names, which means the heavy postgame boozing worked well. Paul Stastny did have 5 points, which is great, and he is great. A real great young talent in this league that is overshadowed by the Crosbys and Ovechkins and Malkins, but is great in his own right. Keep an eye out for him. Nabby gave up all 6, Dmitri Patzold got some garbage time, and was half decent, making 2 saves in 12 minutes of play, and getting the break of a disallowed goal.

Last time the Sharks did this, last year against the Yotes, they stormed into Dallas the next night, and beat up on Marty Turco for 4 first period goals. Wednesday, the Sharks will have the opportunity to storm into Chicago and beat up Nikolai Khabibulin and the Blackhawks (5:30 PDT). The final game of the roadie, we'll see if the Sharks got some good rest, and can finish this opening trip on a high note before coming home to open the Tank on Saturday.



Blogger Gray said...

That isn't 1337, that's lol.

I don't worry about bad games, unless they become a string. As an A's fan, I have learned patience in the face of suck. You have to anticpate some bad games and try not to worry about them too much, especially so early in the season.
Blaming it all on Ron Wilson isn't my style. The Sharks are all professionals, they should know what to do to pick themselves up if their coach (or Capn') can't. The players have to come prepared to play and adjust when a team starts to skate circles around them. If they can't do that it is a TEAM failure, not the failure of one or two men.

9:47 AM  
Blogger Jess Knaster said...

I agree, the game alone can not be blamed on RW. Teams are gonna have flat games, **** is gonna happen. It's how you respond that counts.

Ultimately, it is up to the players to perform, and come ready to perform, but it is now RW's turn to show up, after a poor performance from his guys. It is now that his salary is earned, saying whatever needs to be said to get his team back in the right frame of mind. It's this that has me skeptical of RW, because we've seen this before, and still it appears to exist.

Tomorrow can't come soon enough.

11:56 AM  
Blogger Gray said...

I hadn't looked at it that way before. The Sharks are comfortable with failure and they need to start hating it a lot more. Once they, as a team, coach included, make that decision, they will be ready to chase the cup and make things happen. Until then all I can do is sit back and enjoy (most of) the ride.

3:07 PM  

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