Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The San Jose Sharks are proud to sign...

Jeremy Roenick?!?

The 9 time all-star and many time media star Jeremy "Dancing King" Roenick is not retiring, as many had previously reported. Instead, he's lacing up the skates for one more go round at the silver, this time with the Sharks. This morning the Sharks announced the signing of JR, for 1 year, $500,000.

Now, yes, this signing came from left field, as another center, let alone a guy who was thought to be retiring, would be the last guy on people's minds to don the teal, but this contract could be a great deal. While Roenick sits just 5 goals from 500 in his career, he also is ringless, having only been to the Stanley Cup Finals once in his career, in 1992, with the Blackhawks, when Chicago was swept by the Pittsburgh Penguins four games to zero. That hunger, along with his many years of experience and leadership will be vital assets to the Sharks, as most of the squad are pretty young by NHL standards.

And, if he does happen to bust, then his contract, which is just $500K, will be easy enough to either buy out or swallow, a risk that seems worth the possible reward that opposes it.

Lastly, if he does bust out, then at least we have someone to entertain at the intermissions.

Welcome to Teal Town JR, may your year in teal be a great one for you and us, so that we all can float on that silver lining next June.

Go Sharks (Welcome Roenick)


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