Monday, June 11, 2007

Update on the Odyssey

It's been almost a month since the Sharks season, and the Odyssey, ended. The crying is done, reflecting is still happening, and the plan for the future is upon us. All three of those attributes can be used to describe the ending of both of the season and and the Odyssey.

As those of you with the RSS reader have probably noticed, I've been adding a few posts, mainly with just pictures, over the past couple weeks. I'm proud to say, my site is now fully updated with all the pictures, and all it took was a full month after the season's end to do so. Please peruse the site, look at all the pictures, took all I did for you guys.

The final blog of reflection is a long time in the making, and a long time coming. Look for it in the next few days. Until then, enjoy the pictures.


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