Friday, December 29, 2006

12/28 phoenix 3, SHARKS 2

Whether the black jerseys truly make a difference, they definitely don't seem to help at all. The Sharks dropped BT loss number 5 on the season last night to the Phoenix Coyotes. The 'Yotes, holders of the 28th best record in the NHL (out of 30 teams), came into town and skated with the Sharks for a full 60 minutes, something the Teal couldn't quite do.

The first two periods were pretty close knit, Phoenix jumping out to a 2-0 lead before a pair of bang-'em-home garbage goals tied the Sharks at 2 after 2 periods. Curtis Joseph, master Shark killer, stood tall in the 3rd, stopping all 12 shots in classic CuJo fashion. (For those of you unaware, Curtis Joseph has mastered facing the Sharks. He has a record of something like 35-8-2* unofficial statistics. Classic CuJo fashion is making saves that he has no business making, aka super incredible saves.) Freakin Yanic Perrault, another Shark killer, took a big bite out of the Sharks and the Tank with a goal with just :41 seconds left to play in the 3rd.

Black Thursday, for those still unaware, is the "catchy name" for the Sharks Thursday evening promotion in which they lose in insane fashion while wearing their "stylish" all black alternate jerseys. They have now played 7 games in these jerseys, and are 2-5 while wearing them. They scored 10 goals in their first two games, the ones they won, and have scored 7 goals in the last 5 games, the games they lost. Just when you think you've seen the worst these babies can dish out, freakin "Manic" Yanic Perrault goes and scores a goal with :41 seconds left for one of the worst teams in the NHL.

Luckily(?) for the Sharks, they get another shot at these 'Yotes when they travel to the desert for a rematch (6:00 pst). The Sharks will look to avoid their first 3 game losing streak all season. CuJo should be in net again, and the Sharks will hopefully be ready for them, wearing their traditional road whites.

Go Sharks (have those black jerseys burned yet?)


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