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Sports are great, as they are a suspension of reality. Drama, suspense, excitement, jubilation, all wrapped up into one unpredictable ball of fun. However, sometimes, as fans and sometimes as athletes, we like to think that we have a say in the way some stuff works, just by how we put on our clothes, or what we eat before a game, or how smelly our socks are. Superstitions are a great part of sports, as they take something so ridiculous, and tack a meaning, a justification for why we, as fans or athletes, do what we do, for the good of our team.

I have below a basic list of superstitions, both my own, and others I have seen or heard about. As there is no hockey until Thursday, I invite you all to add some of your own superstitions.


The Playoff Beard- When the playoffs begin, hair (facial hair) is left to grow until the team is eliminated from the playoffs. The hair is left to grow because any luck in the hair is lost once it is shaved off, which always makes for great Stanley Cup pictures, with grizzly lumberjacks holding the greatest trophy in all of sports.


7 Packets - This season, I have gotten into a ritual at Sharks games at the Tank, getting to the arena 60 minutes prior, getting a beer (regardless of thirst) and heading to my seat. Hunger is left to be satiated until the first intermission, when I go down to get popcorn chicken and a large Mountain Dew Code Red (again, regardless if I want either of them, I have to get 'em, 'cause they keep winning). The weird quirk is the condiment portion of this superstition. I make sure to get 7 packets of ranch dressing, despite only using 3-5 of those packets. If it works, and it has 11 times this year, then ya gotta stick with it.

Right to Left- A common ritual/superstition is the right to left. As a goaltender, I made sure to do everything right to left: Socks, skates, pant legs, leg pads, sleeves of my sweater, blocker and then catching glove. Once on the rink, I tap the right post once, then the left post, then the crossbar twice.

Aside from hockey, I have played tennis for most of my life, including two years at the community college level. My first win this year came after I had two Gatorades, one lime Rain, one orange Rain. I took a sip of the orange, and then proceeded to drink the lime one, finishing the orange one afterwards. Doesn't make any sense, but if ain't broke, don't fix it, right?

The last superstition/ritual I had came after my team scored. I would make sure to thank the hockey gods, and symbolize the score of the game by tapping my stick outside the crease the amount of goals we had, and the amount of goals the other team had inside the crease. This didn't necessarily result in a win every time, but it was something I did nonetheless.

I have more, but I would like to open the floor up to my faithful few. Please leave your superstitions in the comment section and I will edit them into my post.

Go Sharks (go crazy stuff that makes no sense)


Blogger David said...

You're crazy...but not as crazy as some of my friends and their superstitions. The pregame/during game meal thing seems to be pretty well practiced. As for myself, I don't believe in luck/karma/superstition at all so I have none. =)

12:03 AM  
Blogger Special K said...

When the Giants were in the playoffs and World Series in 2002, I got very serious about (a) crossing and uncrossing my legs, and (b) having a glass of water to drink. If things were going well, I couldn't change how my legs were crossed. But when things went bad, I had to change how they were crossed. And when something seriously needed changing, I went to get water. This worked well until I made a mistake and cost the team games 6 and 7 of the Series. I apologize.

7:33 AM  
Blogger dfwshark said...

ahhh.. I used to speak a few words to my goalie right before the opening face-off. this is not uncommon and we might never know what is said in most cases, however, I shall shed a little light into what 1 of these sounds like. "did you get some last night?" okay, there it is! I know its not hockey related right before a face off but it was our thing to do to get us ready for the game. I also ate an "ultimate cheeseburger" from Jack in the box after the game as I was convinced that it replenished me!!

4:14 AM  
Blogger dsmith said...

we say outlaw black or wear it on tuesday never thursday,on thursday drink two beers ist period,four second period then move to 209 and be an ass

6:15 AM  
Blogger Ryan said...

My "ritual" for every time I go to a game is as follows...

Arrive 45-60 before game time...

Get a personal pepperoni Round Table pizza...

If we win...then its In-n-Out afterwards!

12:08 AM  
Blogger CHEECHOO 14 said...

i definitely say my prayers after every goal. It's kinda cool to stay in your seat for 2 - 3 seconds after a goal. everyone is up all around you and oddly enough, it's the most alone i feel at the tank all night(perfect for prayer). I say my thanks and then scream and HEY! my balls off.

by the way, I think instead of the "36 down 46 to go" you need to account for 16 playoff wins. so it should be 36 down 62 to go :) also, last but not least, a link to would be nice. and i'd return the favor.
keep up the good work.
~jeremy aka Obsessed Sharks Fan (.com)

3:04 AM  

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