Friday, December 15, 2006

12/14 los angeles 4, SHARKS 2

I would have posted earlier today but I was too busy buying my Barry Brust jersey (obvious sarcasm that must not be obvious, 'cause here I am explaining myself). The rookie, playing in just his second NHL game, had only a few minutes to prepare for what turned out to be 60 solid minutes for the struggling Los Angeles Kings against the Teal, making 34 saves for his first career win. Fellow rookie Anze Kopitar notched a pair of goals and Mike Cammalleri and Derek Armstrong also scored for the Kings, who avenged their loss at the hands of the Sharks on Tuesday at Staples.

In the Sharks defense, they made Brust and the Kings look pretty good by coming out flat. Possibly looking past the Kings, as they did control the game on Tuesday, the Sharks and the fans couldn't help but eye that big time match-up with "those friggin' Ducks" coming up Saturday night in the Tank. Going scoreless on 18 shots through the first two periods of play, the Sharks finally broke through the wall known as Brust ( the Bar [pronounced b-air] -lin Wall anyone?) for two goals on 18 shots in the final frame. Christian Ehrhoff got the Sharks on the board with a power play marker at 9:59, and Mike Grier moved the Sharks a bit closer when he scored with just less than 4 minutes left, but as it turned out, it wasn't enough.

On a happier note, I feel that I did my duty as a fan of hockey last night when I introduced my friend Jamie to the wonderful world of hockey. Living in the area, she had never attended a hockey game in her life, but, despite the poor outcome, she enjoyed her first game, and is planning to go back (Jamie, if this isn't true, please don't tell me, because I like making up stuff and believing it. Besides, you would be letting all these fine readers [readers = 3 people not including my mom, dad, and grandma :D ] down, and pissing people off over the internet is not cool).

Not quite as nationally touted as the first match-up, Saturday brings the Ducks to town for "The Rematch". The first one didn't go so hot (if you ask anyone in teal, which, of course, is the only opinion that matters :D ), but, with the poor ice, the nerves, and the unlucky bounces worthy places to take blame, it's a brand new game, and it's in the Tank. It's Saturday night hockey in one of the loudest buildings in the NHL. It's the battle of the Pacific, it's the playoffs in December, it's Sharks/Ducks hockey. Be there (or at least follow along on TV or the radio or the Internet or carrier pigeon).

Go Sharks (go fulfill your duty as a hockey fan and bring a friend to a game)

On a side note, I was on KFOG this morning, as the talk of superstitions came up, spawning a whole segment devoted to the topic. After the Sharks play tomorrow night, and the subsequent recap post on Sunday, I will be posting some superstitions of mine, and invite all who read to comment on it by submitting their own. Again, that post will be Monday, so start compiling some of your favorite, and least favorite superstitions.


Blogger jurgy25 said...

Hey whats goin on jess, good post. I just wanted to let you know I actually read all of your blogs. I think what your doing is awesome, and I wish it were me going to all the games! I saw you at the game the other day, but we were going opposite ways. I am also going to the tonights game (ducks 12/16). I will be looking for ya and if I see ya I'll say hi.

-Eric Jurgensen

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