Friday, October 20, 2006

10/19 SHARKS 5, detroit 1

What to say about this game. First, as is the case with any Sharks/Wings game in SJ, the Winged Wheel was on quite a few shirts in the building, as red is a popular hockey color for many Michigan transplants to the Bay. Second, who is this team that dresses in teal (but was wearing black as per "Black Thursday") and calls themselves the Sharks? Good goaltending has come to be expected in SJ, and a decent offense as well, but seeing the team defense last night, and the awesome special teams display, I'm not sure who exactly I'm watching.

I'm gushing disgustingly, of course, but while writing this post, I had much trouble coming up with anything but such "homeristic" words after such a display of excellence last night by the Boys in Teal. Yes, they weren't 100% flawless, but no team ever is, but the way they played last night, between the defensive 1-on-1's, the blocked shots and passes on the PK, and the near automatic (embellishment, yes, but oh so fun to say) PP that went 5-13, this team looked good.

In years past, this team would make mistakes that made them look like a minor league hockey team, whereas so far this season, this team has their mistakes make them look like mortals. I am writing about this game very biasedly, but, even as a fan, I feel it accurately describes the feelings of almost anyone who has the pleasure of following this team this year. There is a lot of hockey yet to be played, but this game just proves that this team seems to be a team that will provide exciting hockey all year long.

Tomorrow sees the currently (they play tonight in Anaheim) undefeated Minnesota Wild, rolling into town at 6-0. The Wild, the lone Western Conference team to have won all of their games, are a much improved team that is exceeding currently high expectations. Tomorrow night should be a fun one. Nothing like some HNISJ (Hockey Night in San Jose).

Go Sharks


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