Saturday, March 01, 2008

2/29/08 sharks 3, DETROIT 2

They say weird stuff happens on leap day. Guess they were right.

Devin Setoguchi made his return to the Sharks roster in style last night, burying a pair of goals past Grandpa Snowangel himself, Dominik Hasek. Joe Pavelski added one as well, and Patrick Marleau had a pair of assists in another strong effort by the Sharks, in a building where wins have been scarce. The win, the fourth consecutive victory for the Teal, was just their fourth regular season win at Joe Louis Arena in 31 tries, a tough place to win a game for any visiting squad. Evgeni Nabokov was strong when he needed to be, making 20 saves, tying him for the league lead in wins with 35.

Setoguchi had two goals last night, that much is undeniable. However, what is greatly disputed, is that the second tally was legitimate, and should have counted. While on the power play, a point shot was deflected up and over Hasek and appeared to bounce off the protective netting behind the goal. Now, the Wings on the ice didn't see this, neither did the Sharks, and apparently neither did any of the four on-ice officials. Rule 85.1 (someone else looked this up, I'm not this good) states that in a situation like this, when no linesman or referee sees the puck strike the net, play shall continue, because no whistle has blown. No linesman or referee saw the puck strike the net apparently, so play continued, because no whistle blew, and the puck ricochetted right to Setoguchi who put the puck in the net. It wasn't until after the play that complaints started to come from the bench and the stands, funny because the Wings on the ice didn't see it, but somehow that didn't keep them from complaining. Still counted though. Yay for the Sharks.

The Joe was just as I remembered, cramped concourses, cramped seats, and not exactly a haven for visiting fans. If it wasn't for my #7 Larionov jersey (thanks to my dad for loaning it to me), I probably would not have gotten out alive. Struck some good conversations with Wings fans who had forgotten or never knew that ole Igor was a Shark. Told them the brief history of Igor and the Ov line (Johan Garpenlov, Igor Larionov, Sergei Makarov), and that was that.

With the toughest contest over (regardless of record, the Joe is never easy to get 2 points from), the Sharks wrap up the 8 game, 17 day roadtrip tonight in St. Louis when they take on the Blues (5:30). The Blues, resurgent at season's start, have seem to have packed it in a bit early. Losers of their last 5, St. Louis traded defenseman Bryce Salvador at the deadline for enforcer Cam Janssen, in what was seen to be more of a "sellers" move. The Sharks lead the season series 2-0, winning 1-0 in St. Louis on 12/28, and 4-1 in San Jose on 1/24.

GO SHARKS (wrap this thing up in style)

Boucher, french for "I will actually get to play in goal, eventually."

Campbell, canadian for "soup".

Gordie Howe statue, statuese for "really great hockey player who played a lot of hockey games".


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