Wednesday, October 25, 2006

10/24 Day in Columbus

There's an old adage - "travel is an adventure". Quite often these statements are true, and yesterday/this morning have been no exception. What is meant by this statement, at least in my mind, is the idea that we all make plans that change, and when these plans change, they can make things uncomfortable because it takes us out of control, and nobody likes to be out of control. However, the one positive to these interesting and sometimes uncomfortable situations are that they give us stories, tales of "I came, I saw, I had my plans changed" proportions. Stories that make our trips truly unique, so that not everyone else, if not anyone else at all, can claim that they've done the same.

Yesterday morning, well, early afternoon, I set out to the hands-on science museum of Columbus, COSI. Now, unless I read the website wrong, which may have happened, I left my hotel by shuttle and arrived at COSI. I quickly found out, however, that COSI is closed on Monday and Tuesday, and, as yesterday happened to be a Tuesday, I was out of luck. Walking back into downtown, I encountered a strange man. Now, I'm sure he was a very nice guy, but this man happened to be pulling his hair out and screaming at himself at the top of his lungs. As this startled me a bit, I quickly changed direction to leave Mr. Yelling Man alone.

I walked back into downtown, and back into the Arena District, in hopes of finding some food. After reading the sign, I found an interesting-sounding place, "Ted's Montana Grill". Wanting to go there, I looked on the map, and set out to Ted's. As I walked, I soon found myself in a neighborhood that wasn't the Arena District, and wasn't terribly nice either. Backtracking, I found my way back to the Arena District, but not to Ted's. After doing three full trips around the district looking for Ted's, I finally gave up, and went to go look for the movie theaters. As it turns out, the movie theaters are right next to Ted's, so, once I found the former, I found the latter.

I bought a ticket for a 3:00 showing of "Man of the Year", the Robin Williams movie about a fake news (read "The Daily Show") host who runs for, and wins the presidency of the United States. Having an hour and a half to kill, I went back to Ted's to have some lunch. Ted's was awesome. I suggest anyone who lives near a Ted's Montana Grill head down there to have some good eats ( While I was eating lunch, the complex I was eating at was visited by two firetrucks, sirens blaring, and lights flashing. Apparently, (I found this out when I went back to the theater for my movie) they were setting up lights for a special event. The lights were positioned right under some sprinkler heads, and well, the rest is puddled in history. My movie was cancelled, my ticket was refunded, so I headed back to the hotel and took a nap.

Dinner was at a upscale-ish Japanese/sushi restaurant called Haiku; also a great place. For anyone in the Columbus area, check it out.

Dessert was my leftover Reese's Pieces, and a horrible ballgame (I was rooting for the Tigers), and it was sleep. This morning, I caught a shuttle to the airport, to find that my flight to Chicago O'Hare had been delayed. The nice agent at the gate was able to switch me to a Northwest flight direct to Detroit that leaves in a little more than an hour. Assuming my bag makes it on the plane too, it will be a good morning. I should be checking in either tonight or tomorrow with the game/arena summary.

Go Sharks (go Tigers and the nice American Airlines ticket agent at CMH gate B33b)


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