Thursday, March 13, 2008

3/11/08 sharks 2, NASHVILLE 1

Its been a couple days, and it's still a little weird to look at that L10 in the standings and see the Sharks as 10-0-0. But I'll take it.

In yet another game that seemed like a playoff atmosphere, the Sharks eked it out, getting a goal from Milan Michalek, and another from Joe Pavelski's shin. Pavelski's goal was awarded after a lengthy review concluded that the biscuit just barely made it into the basket, however it may have gotten there. Evgeni Nabokov was solid in net again, making 26 saves in his league leading 40th victory.

Well folks, that's ten now. That's a lot. To think this all started with a 5 game losing streak including 3 effortless attempts to start the Eastern Roadtrip, not a bad turnaround. The real test, of course is the playoffs, as a ten game win streak means bupkis if you're not holding that silvery thing in June. Leading the division is great, but it's not a Cup.

The Sharks return home tomorrow looking for #11 when they face the St. Louis Blues (7:30). The Blues started out hot, and have since mildly imploded. They've lost 9 of their last 10, and come into SJ on a 4 game slide. The Sharks lead the season series 3-0, taking both contests in St. Louis (1-0 on 12/28 and 2-0 on 3/1) and the one played in SJ (4-1 on 1/24).



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