Saturday, February 17, 2007

2/16 COLUMBUS 3, sharks 0

Well, I guess the one positive from this game is, they only have four more games on the road. The "best road team in hockey" (put in quotes because it's a title the boys aren't living up to currently) just added another great performance to their list with road loss, issue X (roman numeral for 10, not mysterious like Racer X from "Speed Racer"). The offense continues to struggle, getting shut out for the second consecutive time, with the last goal coming 148:30 ago (Cheechoo scored at 11:30 of the 2nd in St. Louis). Evgeni Nabokov, making his first start in 2 weeks (last start Feb 1st in SJ versus the Stars [boo]) stood semi-tall in the net, making 16 saves, and earning his 12th loss of the year.

The game was fairly boring, which (unfortunately for the "New NHL") has become a stereotype for a Ken Hitchcock coached team. Big on defense, with a splash of O in between (the Jackets had just 19 shots on net). I'd go on more about this game, but I kinda fell asleep a few times in the middle (not true, but a good exaggeration).

While in Columbus, I had the pleasure of meeting a resident Sharks fan for the Ohio area. Brian is on one of the Sharks message boards, Chomp Board, and through the magic of that, I was able to meet up with him for a couple meals throughout my stay, and gracious rides from place to place (including a ride on the wonderful icy highways of Central Ohio with Good Ole John). If you fancy a time with a real-life Borat Sagdiyev (the fake Kazahk journalist with the recent movie), go eat a meal at Goody Boy's (located down the block from OSU [GO BUCKS] on High St. Just bring your open minded sense of humor, and a bit of thick skin (eh, Sharky boy?).

From the cold of Columbus to the warmth (kinda) of Dallas. The Teal will play a matinee of sorts tomorrow afternoon here in Big D against the Dallas Stars (boo) [12:30 pst]. The season series has slanted in the direction of the Stars (boo), with Dallas winning 4 of the 6 games played against the Sharks, 1 at the AAC (1-0) and the other 3 in SJ (3-0, 3-2 SO, and 4-2). The Sharks have won twice, New Years Eve in Dallas (4-2) and once at the Tank (2-0). Both teams are looking to catch the division leading Ducks (Sharks 3 points back, Dallas 6 points), and solidify a spot in the second season, that begins in just under 8 weeks. Here's once of many many times hoping that at least one of those teams makes it there (guess which one I mean).

Go Sharks (3 goals in Columbus by the Jackets equals a giveaway)(A WENDY'S BOWL OF FINGER, ER... CHILI!!!)

Snow still on the ground outside, but as the sky indicates, it was pretty nice this night.

The aforementioned Darche.


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