Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The streak has ended

A quick note before I embark on the day.

As the title implies, my streak has ended. What streak you ask? Why, the streak of 112 days (every day since this thing started way back on October 5th) that I've gone without having to wear (close-toed) shoes. I like to wear my flip-flops alot, and have been asked in many cities on this trip as to how crazy I am for exposing my toes in extreme cold and rain, but the freezing rain/snow in good ole Saint Louie today has forced me to hide the ten little beasts that are my toes.

Yes, I am a winter weather wimp, California born and raised. Give me cold, but hold the ice.

Gametime 5:00 pst, don't miss it, should be a good one.

Go Sharks (what is a shoe?)

A few pictures from the Gateway Arch, a glorious 660 feet off the snowy ground.


Blogger Special K said...

Nice post. And welcome to true midwestern winter.

12:20 PM  

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