Friday, December 28, 2007

12/26/07 sharks 3, LOS ANGELES

Confucious say,"When on long losing streak, find team with longer losing streak to beat up on". Fushy ole buddy, how right you are.

The Sharks, proud owners of a 3 game losing streak, waltzed into Staples Center last night to take on a Kings club that was losers in it's last 7, and waltzed out of Staples Center proud owners of a 1 game winning streak (if you can call it that, which I sure as hell can). Milan Michalek (aka "Not Joe Thornton") had a pair of goals, and Joe "I'm a different Joe" Pavelski tallied the difference maker for the Teal. Evgeni "I'm also not Joe" Nabokov started game #36 on the season (out of 36 Sharks games) and made 29 saves for his league leading 19th victory.

The win was not pretty, as the Kings wouldn't die, but in the end, the Sharks get the two points, which is what matters at the end of the year. The usually awesome PK was good, allowing 1 goal on 5 power plays, including a 5 minute penalty when Craig Rivet recieved a Match Penalty for a crosscheck to the throat of Ladislav Nagy. There has been no word from the league on a review of a possible suspension for Rivet, a review which is mandatory for each Match Penalty handed out. Unless something arises tomorrow, Rivet should be in the lineup for the Sharks as they continue their roadtrip.

Game 2 of the roadtrip comes tomorrow evening, when the Sharks visit St. Louis for a matchup with the Blues for the first time this year (5:30). The Blues are a much improved club in the Central, which on a whole is a much improved division. Paul Kariya leads the way with 31 points and former Shark prospect Brad Boyes leads the team with 21 goals, in a Bluenote attack that has struggled to put pucks in the net, averaging 2.54 goals a game (which is better than the Sharks, who average 2.43). The defense in front of Manny Legace and youngster Hannu Toivonen has been the strongpoint for St. Louis, allowing 2.6 goals a game (behind the Sharks 2.1), however defensive anchor Barrett Jackman will be out with a concussion, a blow for the Bluenotes blueline. It'll be up to the Sharks to take advantage, which unfortunately isn't something they've done well or often this year. Always time to change, and as Confucious says "no better time than the present".

GO SHARKS (Confucious also say "Jesus save, but Lao-tse score on rebound"


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