Friday, January 26, 2007

extra pictures from the ASG

Formerly of the Expos of Major League Baseball, Youppi hopped across Montreal to don the bleu, blanc, et rouge of Les Canadiens. What a guy... er, girl... er, thing.

Fin, the British Columbian cousin of Sharkie. Smoke comes from his blowhole every now and then, which is cool, but just a tad strange.

Sparky the Dragon. Sparky makes his home on Long Island, and is the only dragon in all of Long Island, and possibly the world, who can change colors (blue and orange for Islanders games, red and yellow for New York Dragons [Arena Football League} games.

Tommy Hawk, the Blackhawks mascot, enjoying the pregame music.

Intermission, time for Tommy to make a beer run.


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